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You have only one chance to make a good first impression

To conquer the Romanian market, don't just translate your content. Optimize it through in-depth research for maximum impact. Creativity is important, but research is the key.


By implementing a strategic methodology, extensive consumer behavior research, and copywriting expertise, I will help you speak to the Romanian audience in the same way as your English copy speaks to its audience.

What are the services provided?






to connect

to rank higher
on search engines

to convince

to convince

Level of adaptation




content created from scrach

text types

emails, press releases, help documents, technical content, reports

courses and training materials, product information, success stories, software

campaigns, brochures, headlines, adverts, idioms, puns and humorous texts

campaigns, brochures, headlines, advers, idioms, puns and humorous texts

How long does it take?

Every translation is different. A five-word marketing slogan may require more time than a one-page blog article. Generally, the delivery time depends on:

  • the type of service (localization, SEO localization, etc.)

  • the quality of the source text;

  • the level of complexity;

  • the total number of words requested;

How does it work?

Contact form -  Gabriela Vornicu.png

Step 1

You contact me and I will collect the information needed to establish the quote:

  • type of service (localization, SEO research, transcreation, etc.), purpose of the service and deadline ;

  • reference documents (previous translations, glossaries, brand guidelines, etc.) if available;

  • source text.

Contract - Gabriela Vornicu.png

Step 2

I send you the quote, which includes: final amount, deadline, terms and conditions.

If you accept my quote, I send you the agreement and the NDA.

Gabriela Vornicu.png

Step 3

After your confirmation, I start working on the text:

  • I read the literature related to the subject of the text;

  • I ask you questions, if necessary;

  • I research the keywords;

  • I complete the language service with focus on accuracy, grammar, spelling and style;

Feedback  - Gabriela Vornicu.png

Step 4

I send you the files (together with the glossary, if requested) and if there is any feedback, I modify the texts as per your request and I create the specific guidelines for your projects, to be used for the future projects.

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