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Medical translations into Romanian performed
with surgical precision

Specific medical knowledge can make the difference between successful and life-threatening translations! With my background in medical terminology research, I will ensure your Romanian translations are safe and effective.

Gabriela's medical knowledge is impressive

I highly recommend her services. She showed extensive medical knowledge and the translations were always impeccable.”

Marilena Ciobanu, dentist

Referee 2 – Gabriela Vornicu

What are the services provided?


I will help you translate your medical English documents into Romanian in a timely manner, with full regulatory compliance, and with focus on accuracy, consistency, grammar, spelling and terminology.


I review medical translations, by analysing the entire Romanian text against the English text, ensuring linguistic accuracy, proper and consistent terminology and cultural appropriateness.


I review Romanian medical texts, ensuring accurate medical terminology, consistency, correct spelling, fluency and cultural appropriateness.


You can entrust me with the full medical translation process of your documents; I will complete them in collaboration with my best medical partners...


I research medical terms and find the proper equivalents in Romanian, or, if needed, I can create bespoke glossaries with academic rigour, in line with regulatory purposes.


I can help you compare two translations of the same source text, selecting the best to compile a final translation. I will also indicate all the discrepancies in a Reconciliation Report.


I can test your questionnaires on true Romanian representatives. In this way, you will be able to verify if the Romanian participants understand the questionnaire in the same way as the English participants.

How does it work?

Contact form -  Gabriela Vornicu

Step 1

You contact me and I will collect the information needed to establish the quote: type of service (translation, revision, etc.) and deadline, reference documents (previous translations, glossaries, etc.), if available, and the source text.

Contract - Gabriela Vornicu.png

Step 2

I send you the quote, which includes: final amount, deadline, terms and conditions.

If you accept my quote, I send you the contract and the NDA.

Gabriela Vornicu.png

Step 3

After your confirmation, I will start working on the text:

  • I read the literature relating to the subject of the text;

  • I research the terminology and I validate the terms with Romanian doctors, if needed;

  • I complete the translation with focus on accuracy, grammar, spelling and fluency;

Feedback  - Gabriela Vornicu.png

Step 4

I send you the files (together with the glossary, if requested). If you have any feedback, I then modify the texts. I create specific guidelines for your projects for future use.

How long does it take?

Every translation is different. A four-page Informed Consent Form may sometimes be translated faster than a two-word medical phrase. Generally, the delivery time depends on:

  • the type of service (translation, revision, proofreading, etc.);

  • the quality of the source text;

  • the level of difficulty (from low to high terminological texts);

  • the total number of words in the source text.


In the case of a moderately difficult text, I translate roughly 1800 words/day (~6 pages). The quote I will send you will include the exact delivery time.

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