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I'm Gabriela. I provide English to Romanian translation services for the medical industry.

From complex medical reports to the most creative marketing copy.

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Terminological Translation Services

= translation of medical documents filled with medical jargon

Do you want your complex medical content to be translated into Romanian with surgical precision?

By working with Romanian doctors, I make sure you'll get an accurate translation that uses the correct medical expressions and terminology.

Marketing Translation Services

= healthcare marketing translation services infused with SEO and copywriting art

Want your English marketing content creatively translated into Romanian?

Let me help you with marketing translation services that focus on creative adaptations, keyword research and on-page SEO to make your content outrank your competitors.

Research Services

 Terminology Research Services

Research services designed to identify the medical jargon used by Romanian doctors.

I create strategic glossaries that will help you keep your terminology consistent for years to come.

 Keyword Research Services

Outrank your Romanian competitors by targeting the ideal keywords.

I'll help you find the strategic words and phrases that will make Romanian heads turn towards your services.

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Hi, I'm Gabriela and I provide medical and marketing translation services from English to Romanian for healthcare companies.

With a background in digital marketing and translation project management, I've designed my translation process to deliver medical translations that will get your prospects to read your content to the end.


Medical form with stethoscope

★★★ Clinical trials

Vitamins and pills

★★ Pharma

Checking Blood Pressure

★ Human medicine


Here are some of the services I provided in September:

Creation of a Romanian medical glossary for a dermatologist's website, containing 120 terms

▶ Translation of informed consent forms for patients with systemic sclerosis participating in a skin biopsy study

Revision of training materials for research nurses

Romanian SEO localization of a website promoting medical tourism in Turkey

Translation of a clinical protocol on the efficacy of an investigational drug in patients with severe community-acquired pneumonia into Romanian

Updating the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) from version 9 to 10.3

Medical keyword research and on-page SEO for a blog article on aplastic anemia

Coming soon...

The only English-Romanian glossary for the clinical trials industry, created in collaboration with clinical research organizations.


+1200 terms validated by healthcare experts.

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