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Medical and marketing

language services

from English into Romanian

Translations faithful to the source,
yet optimized for your target

She has always received excellent feedback


She has proved herself to be a reliable professional, very detail-oriented, punctual and thorough with terminology research and connected to the new technologies in the field. (....)

Due to her professionalism, attitude and dedication, she has always received excellent feedback both from our Account Managers and from our clients.

Octaviana Albu, Administrator at Translator SRL

Referee 1 – Gabriela Vornicu
Referee 2 – Gabriela Vornicu

Gabriela's medical knowledge is impressive

I highly recommend her services. She showed extensive medical knowledge and the translations were always impeccable.

Marilena Ciobanu, dentist


Looking for someone with both language and field knowledge?


Hi. I am Gabriela Vornicu, and I am a medical and marketing language specialist.

Due to my experience as Medical Terminologist and Marketing Content Creator, I will make sure I will convey your English content into Romanian with the same knowledge and expertise used for its creation.

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Which of these fits you best?

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Want your medical documents to be accurately translated with full regulatory compliance?

The solution:

✓  thorough terminological research;
  extended medical knowledge;
  terminology consistency;
  Romanian regulatory compliance;
  knowledge of the ins and outs of the Romanian medical system.

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Do you want the Romanian copy to be as effective and SEO optimized as the English one?


 The solution:

  brand analysis;

✓  keyword research;

✓  market and competitor analysis;

✓  creation of glossaries and guidelines;

✓  usage of copywriting principles.

If I don’t cover the fields or the language pair you’re looking for, I will put you in contact
with a trusted colleague who adheres to the same standards as I do.