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Pro Bono
Translation Program

Free medical and healthcare marketing translations from English into Romanian

This program is designed to help you with free but high-quality translations in exchange for my name and website being mentioned at the end of the translation.

— Your benefits —


PRO BONO professional Romanian translation (you will get a 100% discount for a project worth approx. €150)


Accurate medical terms validated by a qualified Romanian physician


Proofread translation by a second Romanian linguist specialized in life sciences


Clear and fluent information, following copywriting principles


Increased visibility of your website through the link I will provide in my portfolio


*(in case of webpages) SEO-friendly translation, to increase the page's visibility in Google search results and additional deliverables (meta title and meta description)

— Eligibility Criteria —


You need a Romanian translation of online medical content (web page, blog article, brochure, video, etc.)


The text length is approx. 1500 words (it can be highly terminological or extremely creative)


You can add a link to my website at the end of the translation.

— Why Me? —

Request a pro bono translation

Email or fill in the form below.

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