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Highly Specialised
Medical Translation Services

from English into Romanian

The specialised or terminological medical translation is a service designed for the translation of informative or regulatory medical documents that contain a high level of medical jargon (such as clinical trials, discharge summaries, drug labels, etc.).

What is special about this translation service is that it requires a high focus on terminology research and term equivalence, as well as collaboration with Romanian doctors in the case of complex documents.


Medical form with stethoscope

Clinical trials

Vitamins and pills


Checking Blood Pressure

Human medicine

Beauty Products



Romanian medical terminology translation validated by doctors

Medical terminology validated by Romanian doctors

Medical content needs to use the correct medical terminology to feel authoritative.

By identifying the correct Romanian medical terminology and validating it with doctors, I ensure that your content is translated with surgical precision.

Consistent terminology so your audience can trust you

By creating glossaries and strategic guidelines for each project, I make sure everything is consistent and your audience will love your content without even knowing why.

Why is consistency important? It avoids confusion caused by referring to a concept using different terms, and it makes the translation feel organised, and therefore trustworthy.

Consistent terminology in Romanian medical translation
English to Romanian medical translation complying with Romanian medical regulations

Full compliance with Romanian medical standards

Sometimes, the best medical translation is not a 1:1 reflection of the source text, but one that adapts the medical information according to the Romanian national medical standards by changing:

-          the medication prescribed;

-          the treatment recommended;

-          the statistics presented, etc.

Natural and fluent writing to keep the reader's attention

By paraphrasing translations in a clear and logical way, I can ensure that the reader will devour the translation and perceive it as trustworthy and important.

Why is this important?

Because unnatural phrasing makes the translation difficult to understand and therefore distracts the reader, causing them to perceive the translated information as unimportant or false.

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⚕️ Clinical trial protocols

⚕️ Clinical study agreements

⚕️ Informed consent forms (ICFs)

⚕️ Investigator’s brochures (IBs)

⚕️ Lay summaries

⚕️ Patient Information Sheets (PIS)

⚕️ Pharmacological studies

⚕️ Scientific publications (posters, abstracts)

⚕️ Study reports​

⚕️ Good Laboratories Practice (GLP)

⚕️ Pharmacology and toxicology reports

⚕️ Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

⚕️ Pharmaceutical Development (CMC)
⚕️ etc.

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