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Medical Translations
performed by a Romanian specialist

With 2 years of experience as a medical terminologist and 6 years of experience in the translation industry, I will ensure that your Romanian translations are performed with surgical precision.

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A good medical translation requires a lot of creativity

Medical information is difficult enough as it is. Therefore, sentences must be clear and logical, and this often involves a lot of creative paraphrasing in Romanian.

e.g. ”You have a 3 in 4 chance of receiving a placebo"

should be paraphrased in the Romanian translation as

”The probability of receiving a placebo is 75%”.

Medical translation is not just about accuracy

New medical technology = new medical terms, and their equivalence means that Romanian translators are directly responsible for the new terms they introduce into the Romanian language.

This is why the best medical translation requires the eye of a medical specialist and the creativity of a linguist. And these are exactly my strengths.

e.g. English. "(Invisalign) retainer" = rom. ”retainer”

(it sounds unnatural and is unintuitive, and it could easily be rendered as "gutieră de contenție" [i.e. retainer splint])

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Checking Blood Pressure

Human medicine

Medical form with stethoscope

Clinical trials

Vitamins and pills



Medical devices

Looking for a Romanian medical translator?

Send me an email to or fill in the contact form, and I'll get back to you within a couple of hours.

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