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With tight deadlines and sensitive documents,

you need a reliable partner.

Let me help.

Gabriela in a nutshell

I have always been passionate about medicine and psychology. In 2012 I started creating marketing materials for AIESEC and researching the consumer's behaviour, which facilitated my progression to marketing specialization.

During my Master studies in terminology, I also began work on medical terminology research, which gave me an advantage when I completed my first medical translations to Romanian.

Now, due to the continuous learning about the human body and the customer behaviour, I provide specialized Romanian translations in order to fulfil – and whenever possible, exceed – the expectations of my clients.

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What are my qualifications?


Life sciences

Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics

(University of Cape Town)


Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials

(Johns Hopkins University, Maryland)


Medical Terminology Certification

(Des Moines University, Iowa)

Precision Medicine
(University of Geneva)


Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce



Google SEO Fundamentals

(University of California, Davis)


The Strategy of Content Marketing

(University of California, Davis)

Social Media and Social Content Strategy

(Digital Marketing Institute)

Where can you find me?

At life sciences and marketing events, such as:

✓ Meta Marketing Summit EMEA, 2 February 2023

BioTech Atelier 2022, 5th Annual Biotech and Healthcare conference: 28-30 September 2022

✓ Medical Technology - Clinical Development: 5 July 2022

✓ Medical technology: Regulatory Affairs Workshop: 14-15 June 2022

✓ European Medical Writers Association Conference: 4-5 November 2021

✓ European Medical Writers Association Conference: 4-7 May 2021

- ESS 2 - The EU Medical Device Regulations

- ESS 3 - Plain-language summaries (PLS) for peer-reviewed publications

- 9th EMWA Symposium: Clinical Trials - New Trends

✓ 2021 Arena International Translating Documentation and Communication in Clinical Research Conference: 21 April 2021

✓ Focus Forward webinar "Translation, interpreting and global clinical trials": 20 January 2021

✓ 2020 Arena International Translating Documentation and Communication in Clinical Research Conference: 24 November 2020

✓ European Medical Writers Association Conference: 4 November 2020

✓ The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research 2020 Conference: 18-20 May 2020

✓ Live Marketing project. „Marketing digital sau Promoții offline – asta-i întrebarea”: 24 September 2015

”Workshops” Project. ”Copywriting: meserie sau talent?”. 4th Edition, Al. I. Cuza University: 6 April 2014

Communication workshop PRBeta Iași: 4-9 November 2013

✓ Social Media Summit, Iași: March 2012

✓ Public relations workshop PRBeta Iași: 24 November 2012



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