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Healthcare Marketing Translation
from English into Romanian


Healthcare marketing translation refers to the creative translation of medical marketing content (such as social media posts, blog articles, website pages, etc.) to resonate with Romanian prospects.

The difficulty of this translation service is that it requires creative adaptations of the source texts, digital marketing skills (especially SEO, keyword research, copywriting, and psycholinguistics), as well as medical terminology knowledge.


English to Romanian marketing  translation services_Fluency and Copywriting

Creative and natural phrasing to keep your readers' attention

I paraphrase creatively to produce clear, fluent sentences that make readers want to read on.

How does this work? If the information is easy to process, it will be perceived as important and true, thus increasing the reader's interest.

SEO-friendly translation to rank your Romanian content in the first results

Romanian speakers do not search for the same terms as English speakers. This is why keyword research is absolutely essential in marketing translation, along with on-page search engine optimisation.

By selecting specific Romanian keywords

and strategically placing them in your copy,

I will ensure that your marketing content will

receive high traffic and outrank your competitors.

Romanian marketing SEO translation
Good vs bad translation layout_Romanian marketing translation

Formatted translation, for a long-lasting good impression

The layout of the translation is the first thing your potential customers see. As a result, they'll judge the trustworthiness of the content based on how it looks.

Small details such as punctuation, highlighted terms, and fonts will define your content as good or bad.

I customise the layout of the translation to help your prospects navigate the content and perceive your services as trustworthy and important.

Help users trust you with strategic style guidelines

Establishing translation guidelines is critical because it is the only tool that can ensure consistency in your communications. And when your communication is consistent, the translation feels organised and therefore trustworthy.

What do translation guidelines cover?

Tone of voice (formal vs. informal), target audience, communication style (playful, serious, energetic), and other translation-related instructions such as translation of proper names, acronyms, etc.)

By creating strategic guidelines for each project, I will help you get your audience to trust and love your content without even knowing why.

English to Romanian medical & marketing  translation services_Translation style guide.webp


⚕️ Medical websites

⚕️ Medical apps

⚕️ Blog articles

⚕️ Posts for social media

⚕️ Infographics and visual aids

⚕️ Social media campaigns

⚕️ Webinar scripts and materials

She is a professional of the highest calibre

”Punctual, analytical and a perfectionist. Gabriela brings up issues that you may not even be aware of and comes up with really creative ideas. She is a professional of the highest calibre, and I really love working with her.”

Teodora Pătrăuceanu, Strategic Partner Manager at Google

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Google .png

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